Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the difference between a SoapStix and Hand Sanitizer?

The SoapStix is an antiseptic hand cleanser and made with 100% natural ingredients. The SoapStix will not dry skin and cause skin irritation. Hand Sanitizers are primarily alcohol based that can dry out skin and cause rashes and skin irritation from over use.


Is the SoapStix an antiseptic?

Yes the SoapStix contains antiseptic properties. When washing hands the soap will lathers and by rubbing hands together will clean and disinfect your skin while rinsing off the any dirt or harmful bacteria.


Is the SoapStix safe for children?

The SoapStix is very safe for children. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no parabens, sulphates or harmful petroleum based chemicals.


Do you need water with the SoapStix?

No water is necessary when using the SoapStix, however it is recommended that when washing hands it is always better to rinse off any dirt or possible bacteria that may still be on your hands.


Can I bring the SoapStix on a plane?

The SoapStix can be used on the airplane. It is completely safe and contains no flammable liquid. It is also very handy, compact and ideal for using when travelling. With the SoapStix you can avoid using the washroom soap dispenser that maybe contaminated with thousands of germs from other passengers and also contain harmful chemical-based hand soap.


What is the shelf life of the SoapStix?

The shelf life of the SoapStix is 2 years.


What are the benefits of the SoapStix over regular soap?

Regular hand soaps are primarily made with petroleum based toxic chemicals that are harmful to the skin and general health. Regular soap is also not good for the environment with thousands of tons of chemical petroleum soap being poured into the ground and polluting the earth and our natural water streams. SoapStix are made with 100% natural ingredients and are chemical-free.


What is it that makes the SoapStix better than other soaps?

SoapStix is not a petroleum based mass soap. It is formulated with all natural ingredients and contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil for healing, soothing and moisturizing dry, cracked and weathered hands, while cleaning them at the same time.  Unlike most petroleum based chemical soaps that strip the epidermis top layer of skin which acts as a barrier that protects the body from threatening pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), ultraviolet light from the sun, and harmful chemicals. The epidermis also acts as a waterproof barrier and is responsible for skin tone. SoapStix essential oils helps repair and heal the epidermis and skin tone to its natural beauty.


Does the SoapStix help people who suffer from dry skin and eczema?

Yes, the SoapStix can help heal, soothe and repair irritated dry skin and eczema. SoapStix contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is the World’s best known secret for skin and general health. Olive Oil has been used for thousands of years and has been known to help all kinds of skin conditions. It is truly one of the best remedies for healing dry skin and eczema.  Also with the portable SoapStix now you can wash hands with confidence…anywhere! You can have peace of mind knowing that you are not using a chemical based soap on your skin when on-the-go!


Can the SoapStix actually kill germs and bacteria on hands?

Yes, the SoapStix will help kill germs and bacteria when used often and anywhere in public places. The portable pocket and purse size is ideal for traveling to foreign countries where germs and bacteria maybe more prevalent. Also to prevent the spread of germs and getting sick washing hands regularly with the SoapStix will considerably reduce your chances of becoming ill or spreading any viruses. The SoapStix also contains antiseptic properties. 


When should I use the SoapStix?

SoapStix should be used anytime when on the go, in public washrooms or anywhere you might need to wash our hands. Using your own personal soap can prevent you from getting ill,  by staying healthy and stopping the spread of germs. Also one should avoid poisonous toxins in soap dispensers containing harmful chemicals such as triclosan and methylisothiazolinone used in public washrooms, office, workplace, schools, hospitals and airlines. The SoapStix can also be used to help anyone suffering from dry skin and eczema. It contains all natural ingredients that helps heal, soothe and repair dry skin. SoapStix are portable and conveniently fit in pocket, purse, back-pack and travel bag.